list: books

last updated: 07/05/2019

this is a list of the books i have read in the last few years. all of the books i read prior to 2017 i lost all my notes on so they didnt make the list. theres no fiction on the list either because i read fiction on my ebook reader and i dont keep track of it.

building webapps with wordpress (2014) by brian messenlehner and jason coleman
maintaining and troubleshooting your 3d printer (2014) by charles bell
pharmacotheon (1993) by jonathan ott
skin in the game (2017) by nassim nicholas taleb
openscad for 3d printing (2014) by al williams
php beyond the web (2016) by rob aley
web sockets (2015) by andrew lombardi
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hello world! i have nothing to write at the moment.