i recommend susheezi

at one time, i used to use the wooden sushi rolling mats with all the mess and hassle, it is definately worth getting one of these susheezi things if youre going to make sushi. it makes it perfect every time and its SO much easier than having to learn the rolling method.


i just found esphome.io exists! some good info. they mention that this kmart smartplug ($20) and this bunnings smartplug ($15) have esp8266’s in them, so i’m assuming i can run espurna/tasmoto on them. soon i will try this; hopefully it works. esphome looks better than running other firmware too. it looks as if they do gpio level manipulations directly to home-assistant over mqtt with micropython so that is a preferable way to do it in the future. i’ll probably use this as a base of code for various sensors i’m working on in future.

tech preferences

here are my technology preferences…

list: books

last updated: 02/09/2019

this is a list of the books i have read in the last few years. all of the books i read prior to 2017 i lost all my notes on so they didnt make the list. theres no fiction on the list either because i read fiction on my ebook reader and i dont keep track of it.


phonegap build (2014) by bintu harwani
secure development for mobile apps (2014) by j.d. glaser
smarter homes (2018) by alexandra deschamps-sonsino
siberian shamanism (2015) by virlana tkacz, sayan zhambalov, wanda phipps, etc.
the little book of hygge (2017) by meik wiking
3d printing for model engineers (2019) by neil wyatt
make: tips and tales from the workshop (2018) by gareth branwyn
dont network: the avant garde after networks (2018) by marc james leger
immediatism (2001) by hakim bey
the sea rover’s practice: pirate tactics and techniques, 1630-1730 (2007) by benerson little
the essential oils vol1 (2007) by ernest guenther
plants from test tubes: an introduction to micropropagation (2013) by holly scoggins and mark bridgen
teaming with fungi (2017) by jeff lowenfels
click here to kill everybody (2018) by bruce schneier
offensive countermeasures (2015) by john strand and paul asadoorian
teaming with microbes (2010) by wayne lewis and jeff lowenfels
tyranny of experts (2014) by william easterly
grokking bitcoin (2018) by kalle rosenbaum
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